Suntoucher LLC
1880 Santa Barbara Ave #160 San Luis Obispo CA 93401
(805) 550-6381

about suntoucher

We are not good software consultants who build good apps: we are awesome software consultants who build great apps. Every state of the art product we deliver is emotionally driven, intelligently designed, and free of complications or frustration. Our secret? Suntoucher is staffed by genuinely positive, genuinely helpful people who love nothing more than creating positive, helpful software: software that easily, enjoyably, effectively and efficiently does what it is intended to do.

By asking the right questions, listening carefully to your answers, and employing agile development practices to ensure that every detail is developed to meet your needs, your timeline and your budget, we offer only one promise: to create software you'll love.

Kristen Hazard, Founder at Suntoucher Software
Kristen Hazard
Fearless Leader
Gabi Ojile Quality Assurance and Developer at Suntoucher Software
Gabrielle Ojile
Sous Chef
Ken Rothmuller
Ken Rothmuller
The Guy We Call When Things Get Tough
Raven, Suntoucher Mascot
Unemployed Working Dog
Roxy, Motivational Speaker at Suntoucher Software
One-Eyed Wonder