we make apps with a sunny attitude
we make apps
with a sunny attitude
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our focus includes
Content Management Systems
cms creation
Intuitive, elegant programming. Clean, compelling design. And - without exception - a positive, joyful user experience. We're Wordpress and Drupal experts, it's true, but it is our passion for the beautiful simplicity of an intelligently built content management system website that drives every design decision we make. The results? Custom CMS sites that deliver uncomplicated, enjoyable user interactions that can't be beat.
Custom Web Apps
custom web apps
Effective, and efficient. Useful, and easy to use. Each custom web app we create has it's own particular purpose, but they all share one common goal: to make your job easier. Our expertise in Javascript and Ruby on Rails is only the beginning: it is our fanatical commitment to creating simple, instinctive, versatile and upgradeable web-based apps that assures you and your team will get more work done - much more - in less time.
Worth a thousand words... Considering our innate desire to cut through the clutter, it's no surprise that we're obsessed with the latest techniques for quickly and clearly communicating complex information. Utilizing D3.js and Raphael.js, we design data-driven documents that get to the heart of the matter by telling your particular story in interactive, animated, easy-to-understand infographics.
Environmental Compliance
we also make it easier to achieve
environmental compliance
Efficiency made easy... We've developed cutting-edge software for an eclectic mix of clients, but our area of utmost expertise is in creating custom web applications for project managers and field staff engaged in environmental compliance reporting. You need accurate, up-to-date, complete data that can be quickly sorted and reported. Our software makes your information easy to compile, easy to interact with, and easy to understand. The proof is in the product: we absolutely love creating apps that will increase efficiencies and make your job easier.
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some of our work
web apps
PG&E Environmental Compliance Tracking App
Information managed... Developed for PG&E, KitFox App is a sleek, powerful environmental compliance reporting application we designed to help everyone involved in the company's myriad construction projects to collect, monitor, maintain - and comprehend - the thousands of environmental compliance reports generated each month.
The Tools:
Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript
Backbone.js Icon Backbone.js Icon Backbone.js

As we'd hoped when we first began designing the app, KitFox has - literally - made everyone's job easier. Environmental inspectors and specialty monitors submit field reports quickly and effortlessly. Project managers maintain full access to current, complete data. And executives gain a birds-eye view of environmental compliance issues for every project. Some software actually does make life easier.
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Shift Independent
Empowering Independent Artists
Geared for growth... Like every business and organization, Shift Independent is growing. Each week, in fact, the portfolio of musicians they support, the licensing catalog they maintain, and the professional management services they provide - all expand. To sustain a relevant, up-to-date, cross platform online presence, they needed a versatile, flexible, uncomplicated website that could keep pace with constant change. That's exactly what we built.
The Tools:
Drupal Icon Drupal Icon Drupal
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript
CSS3 Icon CSS3 Icon CSS3

We delivered a clean, powerful CMS website - with unique features that helped reorganize and present their dynamic content - that gave Shift Independent the control they needed to make easy, in-house content updates without the need for an expert web programmer. We can't resist saying it: we made beautiful music together.
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EPM Catalog
PG&E Environmental Protection Measures Catalog App
History lessons learned... When PG&E undertakes any kind of construction project, there are (almost) countless environmental measures that planners agree to abide by so that minimal - or no - environmental damage is erroneously done. Choosing which measures to follow is the trick. History can help us avoid mistakes made in the past, but only if history is recorded accurately, completely, and in a way that future generations can actually access. That's where we came in.
The Tools:
Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript
Backbone.js Icon Backbone.js Icon Backbone.js

After conducting across-the-board research with planners from throughout PG&E, we developed a comprehensive, interactive environmental protection measure catalog that enables them to quickly and easily collect, vet, organize and reference their approved measures. Simply put, the program we created shows them what measures work, what don't, and why. It does it much more accurately and efficiently than the old way, and it does it in a fraction of the time.
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PG&E Topock Compressor Station
Environmental Investigation and Cleanup Activities
Complete control... Websites - their look, functionality and content - were once the sole domain of programmers. Today, content management systems provide our customers with the freedom and flexibility to modify their sites' content as often, and as extensively, as necessary. When PG&E needed a CMS-based public information website for their Topock remediation project, they contacted us.
The Tools:
Drupal Icon Drupal Icon Drupal
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript
CSS3 Icon CSS3 Icon CSS3

Working within the strict publishing requirements outlined by California's Department of Toxic Substances Control as well as PG&E, we built a site that is user-friendly despite its complexities. Our expertise with Drupal allowed us to create a custom, scalable site that met the mandated standards, while still offering PG&E's administrators the unique features they wanted and an easy, elegant portal for maintaining and updating vast photo galleries and document libraries. It may seem counterintuitive, but we built a site that essentially put us out of work.
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Ventura County Health Care Agency Directory App
A healthy system... The Ventura County Health Care Agency is an enormous, complex organization with many locations and a constantly changing list of health care providers. With an unremitting need to keep their records current and the public informed, they asked us to create a custom content management system that would benefit both staff and patients by being easy, efficient, accurate and cost-effective.
The Tools:
Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript
CSS3 Icon CSS3 Icon CSS3

We developed a trouble-free backend CMS interface for the staff and an easy frontend search engine component for the public. Frankly, both are pretty nifty. The CMS interface allows for the time-consuming process of manual website updates to be completely automated. And the search engine feature is a stand-alone web app, so it can be easily - and affordably - integrated into any future website expansions or redesigns. We succeeded in achieving the rarest of accomplishments in the healthcare industry: we made the staff, the patients and the doctors happy.
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The Land Conservancy
of San Luis Obispo County
This land is your land... The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County does laudable work conserving, preserving and protecting land on the Central Coast. Unfortunately, their website didn't begin to represent what they do or how they do it. We offered to remedy that.
The Tools:
Wordpress Icon Wordpress Icon Wordpress
CSS3 Icon CSS3 Icon CSS3

The user experience and interface are our top priorities when we create software, as this project clearly illustrates. The new Wordpress site we designed is much more functional than the Land Conservancy's previous site, but it's also much, much more visual in nature. See for yourself: lcslo.org. The magic behind the curtain you won't see when you visit the site is how easy we made it for staff to add new photos, stories or news to the site.

We'd be remiss if we didn't state how much we value the Land Conservancy's mission, staff and volunteers. In fact, as a member of One Percent for the Planet, we have designated the Land Conservancy as the environmental organization our company's annual revenues will support. You can, too. Learn more here: onepercentfortheplanet.org.
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Chevron Cost Engineering App
Fast, flexible, powerful software... When Chevron announced it would implement new cost reporting requirements for vendors as of 2012, many companies like Remedial Transportation Services needed to act fast. Chevron, after all, was their largest client. RTS asked us to help create software that would allow them to meet the newly established reporting requirements - and preserve the valuable working relationship with Chevron that they'd spent years cultivating.
The Tools:
Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails Icon Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL
JavaScript Icon JavaScript Icon JavaScript

Working collaboratively with the RTS staff, we created a versatile web based application that made data entry easy and report generation fast, flexible and accurate. Addressing first things first, we ultimately built a cost and safety metrics tracking app that not only exceeded RTS's expectations (and helped sustain their hard-earned vendor stature with Chevron), but our app also was recognized by Chevron as the benchmark reporting approach they preferred for all other vendors. Good things happen when people work together.
“I was extremely impressed with Suntoucher’s ability to understand the end goal from day one. In the design phase we were always on the same page. We would describe a desired feature or function, and they would build it and send it back for testing and approval.”
- Jared Spann, Area Manager for Remedial Transportation Services
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The best user experiences are enchanting. They help the user enter an alternate reality, whether it’s the world of making music, writing, sharing photos, coding, or managing a project.
- Kathy Sierra
about suntoucher

We are not good software consultants who build good apps: we are awesome software consultants who build great apps. Every state of the art product we deliver is emotionally driven, intelligently designed, and free of complications or frustration. Our secret? Suntoucher is staffed by genuinely positive, genuinely helpful people who love nothing more than creating positive, helpful software: software that easily, enjoyably, effectively and efficiently does what it is intended to do.

By asking the right questions, listening carefully to your answers, and employing agile development practices to ensure that every detail is developed to meet your needs, your timeline and your budget, we offer only one promise: to create software you'll love.

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